Feminist Republik Registry Coordinator

Position Overview

Urgent Action Fund Africa is seeking to recruit a Feminist Republik Registry Coordinator who will be responsible for maintaining the Feminist Republik Registry, maintain relationships with data collection partners and ensure the quality of data entered into the registry.

Closing date: 15 Oct 2021

Specific Responsibilities

• Maintain relationships with registry partners and provide any technical support that may be needed;

• Ensure that registry partners have the technical skills required to use the registry and design any capacity trainings that might be required;

• Support registry partners to ensure data collection is ongoing as per plans set

• Define and ensure adherence to quality control processes regarding data entered into the registry. This includes updating the registry with information as updates unfold;

• Ensure that the registry digital security protocol is followed and raise any issues that need attention with the management team;

• Lead in discussions with digital security experts to ensure the continued security of the registry platform;

• Write semi-annual and annual reports on the context of aggressions and violations facing WHRDs. The semi-annual report would focus on providing quantitative information and case studies and the annual report includes quantitative and qualitative analysis of the context;

• Development of visual representations of trends arising from the data collected by the registry for different uses;

• Coordinate and lead quarterly calls with all registry partners, including preparing and distributing necessary documents, to reflect on registry processes and gather feedback on issues that need attention, discuss the analysis arising from the data and discuss reports produced to arrive at final versions;

• Lead in discussions pertaining to the development of data collection tools with registry partners and ensure that tools are a result of participatory processes;

• Coordinate and lead calls with the Registry Advisory Group;

Skills and Experience

• Minimum of 5 years of research experience from a gendered perspective, including experience in data processing

• Excellent report writing skills

• Experience in managing databases

• Computer literacy skills a must

• Knowledge of relevant security and research software and applications

• Experience in digital security– knowledge of feminist thinking around digital security is a plus

• Proficiency in written and spoken English and French


Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, Women/Gender Studies, International Relations, Law, Human rights or other relevant fields. The candidate must have excellent research skills and experience and knowledge and experience in digital security.

Work Environment

This is a regional position that involves some national, regional and international travel. UAF-Africa is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its hiring practices. In order to build the strongest possible workforce, UAF-Africa actively seeks a diverse applicant pool. The Fund is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. This position will be based in the successful candidates’ African country of residence.

How to apply
Please submit a cover letter and CV to jobs@uaf-africa.org with “Feminist Republik Registry Coordinator in the subject line. References, writing samples and other information will be requested.

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