Multiple Part Time Positions at KCA University

There are multiple positions at KCA University which you should apply on or before 10/09/2021.

1) Lecturer In Procurement & Supplies (23 Part-Time Positions)
2) Lecturer In Human Resource Management (8 Part-Time Positions)
3) Lecturer In Management (20 Part-Time Positions)
4) Lecturer In Communication (5 Part-Time Positions)
5) Lecturer In Enterpreneurship (5 Part-Time Positions)
6) Lecturer In Health Awareness & Life Skills (6 Part-Time Positions)
7) Lecturer In Public Management (2 Part-Time Positions)
8) Lecturer In Research Methods (2 Part-Time Positions)
9) Lecturer In Marketing (10 Part-Time Positions)
10) Lecturer In Knowledge Management (1 Part-Time Position)
11) Lecturer In French Language (1 Part-Time Position)
12) Lecturer In Law (6 Part-Time Positions)
13) Lecturer In Information Technology (11 Part-Time Positions)
14) Lecturer In Information Literacy (5 Part-Time Positions)

To apply,click on the link below.


Author: opportunitiesforallkenyans

We connect Kenyans to land their dream opportunities.

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