Communication Intern

The Role
Brooke is looking to recruit a Communication Intern who will be supporting key officers responsible for facilitating both internal and external information and communication requirements in line with best practice so as to enable Brooke to achieve high impact donkey welfare programs.

Application deadline: 10th September, 2021

The Communication Intern will ensure that the content generated both in the office and in the field in terms of case studies, images, stories and videos are used for a variety of communication needs for Brooke East Africa and its partners as well as Brooke UK. This is in a bid to ensure that the organization’s know-how, information and experience is shared with both internal and external stakeholders and that the information gathered is used to impact positively on the welfare of working equines and livelihoods of equine-owning communities.

The Communication Intern will work with the Project Development Manager, Senior Advocacy Officer, and the Fundraising Support Officer.

Key Responsibilities

External Communication
· Support branding for outgoing communication in line with branding guidelines.
· Support the development, circulation and sharing of documentaries regularly on issues that are of interest to potential donors and other stakeholders.
· Support the development and distribution the external newsletter to target audiences.
· Support the processes of ensuring that the branded items such as brochures, bookmarks, stickers, wheel caps, pens, notebooks, T-shirts and lab coats are designed, produced and distributed during functions, trainings and meetings.
· Work with fundraising support officer to develop and share stories of change with both existing and potential local supporters in a timely and regular basis.
· Develop short topical videos to share with our publics as directed by the Project Development Manager

Media engagement
· Support liaising with the media.
· Support the production of news features on animal welfare
· Writing and edit articles for the press on animal welfare.
· Support the creation of content for the Brooke radio program
· Managing online media interaction and responses to issues using the established social
Internal communication
· Maintaining an internal staff information portal with input from all parts of the organization. Ensuring that the portal is active and accessible by all staff regularly for updates, staff announcements, success stories, communicating leadership direction etc.
· Ensuring an internal inventory of case studies, features, photos, videos and reports is in place and can be accessed by staff for their official use.

Coordination and Decision Making
· Receiving and providing support to other officers whose jobs are interdependent
· Ensuring a positive impression of Brooke EA at all times by making stewardship decisions when image issues of Brooke, minding what information goes out there and how the organization responds appropriately to any issues raised.
· Actively participating in team and or staff meeting; adding value to the meeting agenda and discussions for the purpose of enhancing program effectiveness.

Knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience
· Bachelor’s degree in Communications/Media or a related field from a reputable University.
· At least 1 year of progressively advanced experience in communications management, media production, multi-media productions and use of multi-media equipment.
· Excellent writing and editing skills.
· Knowledge of video editing and photography tools is required.
· Experience in an NGO set up.
· Skilled in computer programs, especially desktop publishing skills.
· Sharp analytical, organizational and documentation skills;
· Attention to detail;
· Ability to work well both independently and within teams;
·Flexible, willing to grow professionally, learn new skills;
· Can meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

In addition to the responsibilities above, the role holder will be required to;
· Take responsibility for own actions, behaviors and outcomes
· Take responsibility for their own learning and fostering growth and development in others
· Create and maintain harmonious and constructive working relationships with others internally and/or externally
· Ensure that time and resources are utilized to best effect for the achievement of the Brooke’s
goals and our mission and those others are committed to agreed courses of action
· Make clear, informed and timely decisions that lead to effective outcomes in line with the

Brooke’s mission.
·Seek out and develop new ideas and approaches, respond positively and constructively to change and fostering a culture of continuous improvement
· Work respectfully, effectively and collaboratively with others in the team, across the organization and externally to deliver effective outcomes.
· Communicate clearly, concisely and compellingly in a manner that is appropriate to the audience.
· Engage respectfully with others both internally and/or externally to persuade them to adopt courses of action that are in the best interests of the organization and the animals.

For consideration, please send your application to:

Your application should be received before or on 10th September 2021

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